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  • 3 Tips for Creating a Travel Collage Display

    Collages professionally created and displayed in bespoke multi-aperture frames are great for a variety of displays, including for a gallery piece in the home. But they are also popular for travel agencies and tour operators to decorate their business space with artwork that captures the essence of their tours, the journeys, the experience, the true spirit of the trip.

  • Display a large collection of photos in one frame

    Collage photo frames, or multiple picture frames as they’re otherwise known, are a modern framing route to use when you have a large collection of photos you want to hang on your walls without making the room feel cluttered with too many pictures on display.

  • Getting the Most of Your Families Special Events on Display

    When you look at the photos you have printed, and those stored in the cloud, you are almost certain to find more that you would want to print and frame. Space is always the hindrance as there is only so much you can put on display at the one time.

  • Photo Frame Gift Buying Guide for New Parents

    Buying a gift for a newborn is always a struggle because more often than not the parents wind up with multiple of the same things, such as bottle warmers, bodysuits, mittens and cute little baby hats.

    For something more memorable and practical, a multi-aperture photo frame can be the ultimate gift, provided you take the time to think your frame through as there are a few parts to consider.

    What to Consider when Buying a Photo Frame for New Parents.

  • 3 Ways to Display Multiple Photos that Don’t Look Cluttered

    Do you ever get frustrated with your wall space, feeling like if it were a litter bigger, you’d get all the photos you want to see every day on display?

    It’s often the case that you need to drop some favourites because to put them all on display would likely look imbalanced, be hung too close and create a clustered feel among the multiple photos to adorn your walls, rather than beautify it.

  • Framing a Collection of Wedding Photos as an Anniversary Gift

    For couples, anniversaries are usually a time of uncertainty and anxiety, not knowing if what you get is over the top, or if it’s going to result in the silent treatment in the days and weeks to follow.

    Thankfully, cameras have been around long enough for the wedding photographer to have developed expertise and capture the best moments of the big day. Lean on those photos for the anniversary and get creative with them.

  • Make the Most of Compact Garden Buildings with Multi-Photo Frames

    With Spring in full swing, the sun is shining, temperatures are rising, and people are getting to make the most of their garden space. Some people are taking the time to construct garden outhouses, whether it’s a simple garden shed, or a complex summerhouse. Those outdoor extensions to your home, no matter how compact the space, can benefit from traditional interior design tips to truly transform the space.