If for any reason your order arrives damaged then you must let us know within 48 hours of receipt by emailing us at hello@picturegalleryuk.com and include all the information requested below.

We cannot be liable for any damage that occurs after the goods have been checked and accepted. All damages must be reported within a 48-hour period to allow us to claim off our courier.

We will need photographic evidence of the damage and a few photos of the box and shipping label to allow us to claim off our courier. Even if the box appears to be intact, we still need photos of the box to allow us to claim. Once we receive photos of the damage, we will replace your order to the same specifications as your original order, or replace the damaged parts such as the acrylic glazing, or the frame.

Please email the following photographic evidence:
1. Photos of any damage to the frame.
2. Photos of the box showing any damage to the box.
3. A close-up photo of the shipping label on the box.
4. Include any other information relevant to the claim.

Please be assured that we would not send out a damaged frame, even if the box appears intact the contents can still get damaged in transit for some unknown reason - which could probably be due to falling off the conveyor system at the depot or main hub, or being stacked wrongly in transit, or it could be that the driver hasn’t handled it with care, but for whatever reason, rest assured, we would never knowingly send out a damaged frame.