3 Ways to Display Multiple Photos that Don’t Look Cluttered

Do you ever get frustrated with your wall space, feeling like if it were a litter bigger, you’d get all the photos you want to see every day on display?

It’s often the case that you need to drop some favourites because to put them all on display would likely look imbalanced, be hung too close and create a clustered feel among the multiple photos to adorn your walls, rather than beautify it.

There are, however, ways to get meaningful photos on display in even the smallest of areas.

3 Ways to Get More Photos on Display Without Cluttering Your Room

1) Create a coffee table book

The coffee table photo book can be great for conversions after a dinner party, or just when guests are around, and they can work wonders for themed collections such as holiday snaps, celebrations or even parties your family has attended that don’t quite make the cut for permanent wall space.

Throughout the year, you’re likely to collect dozens, if not hundreds of photos, that could make great additions in print, but maybe not many of them would fit into the themes of your wall display.

With a book of photos put together cohesively in a flip book, they would all be there to pass around the sitting room instead of passing around a smartphone or digital camera.

Having a collection of prints at the ready also comes in handy for when you decide to change your wall displays up, as depending on the size of prints and the frame sizes you have, you may be able to switch your framed displays up whenever you get tired of seeing the same things.

2) Electronic photo display

There is something nostalgic and more realistic about viewing printed photographs over the digital versions, yet, most of us can flick through our smartphones photo gallery and love some photos, but can’t quite think of how it would fit into a current wall display or even look harmonious on its own inside a smaller photo frame. For those pictures, the sliding feature on some electronic photo displays or a photo viewing app on a Smart TV can be an easy way to see a gallery of unrelated photos stream randomly on the one digital screen.

Just like the printed photos being ready to replace your existing frames (depending on print and frame sizes), on electronic displays, the photos are stored on a memory card or a USB flash drive, making them easier to find should you decide there are one or a few photos you would like to print and frame.

3) Collage photo frames

Collage photo frames, or multiple picture frames as they’re otherwise known, are a modern framing route to use when you have a large collection of photos you want to hang on your walls without making the room feel cluttered with too many pictures on display.

Collage frames are easier to hang too as you don’t have to fumble around with display ideas, perhaps creating a trio layout with three singular frames displayed differently, such as the centre frame showing a print in landscape view with the other two, either side of it, with a portrait layout print. Instead of three frames, you would have the same display layout only inside the one multi photo frame for three photos, like this.

Collage frames are available for prints of various sizes from a few window openings (known as apertures) up to as many as 52 aperture frames.

By using pre-designed layouts on multi photo frames, you can create uniform displays with equal spacing between photos on your walls that don’t look cluttered. Using other display ideas such as coffee table flip books or photos streamed over electronic displays, you can still take advantage of seeing even more photos when you want and have the benefit of all your new photographs being more accessible and ready to switch into your existing multi frames. This way, you can change the display up whenever you feel like it, without having to redesign entire wall displays and layouts.

Feel free to have a look through our gallery of multi photo frames to see the different layouts available, total frame sizes and choice of colours. You could even combine multiple collage frames to create a feature wall display with different layouts to get even more photos onto your existing wall space without creating a cluttered feel.