Getting the Most of Your Families Special Events on Display

When you look at the photos you have printed, and those stored in the cloud, you are almost certain to find more that you would want to print and frame. Space is always the hindrance as there is only so much you can put on display at the one time.

The alternative most families are content to settle on is to change the display periodically by giving prominent wall space to the most recent family event, whether it is a baptism, graduation, or a wedding photo.

Getting the most of your photos on display is easier done using a multi-aperture photo frame as you don’t need to space frames inches apart, leaving so much blank space across your walls, yet still managing to keep your photos looking pristine and professionally presented.

Ideas to Make the Most of Family Photo Albums

1. Use two or more horizontal multi aperture frames to create a curated gallery display

A gallery wall display using single photo frames can be an expensive option, albeit with fantastic results, but the caveat is you need the wall space to pull it off.

A simpler solution and one that is easier on the wallet are to display rows of multi aperture frames.

As examples, a 5-aperture frame can be used to display five photos in a single row as part of a themed collection, a 12-aperture frame for a baby’s first year or a 16-aperture frame to tell any family story within a limited amount of wall space. Each size can be stacked to create a feature display with multiple photo collections.

2. Create a Themed Montage across Your Entire Wall

If you have high ceilings, you can definitely take advantage of the stacking effect by creating pillars of gallery-style photo collections with each frame telling its own story, and perfectly complimenting all other family events displayed above and around other multi aperture frames with different family event photos on display. Think of it as a compact gallery display.

3. The Box Set Collection

A box collection could be thought of as a combination of vertical and horizontal positioning but taking advantage of your wall space by carefully arranging each frame with a unique theme and arranging them in a way that tells your story.

To give you an example display idea, the first box style frame could house a collection of wedding photographs. The second frame could feature baby photos from newborn to christening to baptism to the first year at primary school, the first year at primary and secondary and finally graduation.

For grandparents with more than one child and grandchild, the storyline could be displayed in smaller sized prints and frames to allow for multiple stacks of frames - one for each family event.

A superb benefit to multi aperture frames is the story-telling aspect as rather than having one large beautiful photo, you can put a collection of photos in the one frame that clearly displays a timeline of events whether that’s from birth to school to graduation, or marriage to first born, second born and so forth.