Photo Frame Gift Buying Guide for New Parents

Buying a gift for a newborn is always a struggle because more often than not the parents wind up with multiple of the same things, such as bottle warmers, bodysuits, mittens and cute little baby hats.

For something more memorable and practical, a multi-aperture photo frame can be the ultimate gift, provided you take the time to think your frame through as there are a few parts to consider.

What to Consider when Buying a Photo Frame for New Parents.

1) They will have more than one photo they want to frame

New parents are always taking happy snaps of their newborns because, obviously, they want to cherish every single moment. From the first wave, the first ah and ooh, the first smile, first steps, first, well everything.

With a multi-aperture photo frame, there’s no need to pick a single photo worthy of framing because they all will be. Instead, with multiple window openings, you could have a frame with 12 openings, one for the best photo of the month through the babies first year, or if you feel the new parents will be taking photos really frequently, consider going as high as 52 openings to cater to a photo a week storyline.

The beauty of this is the parents can frame the full story of their newborns first year in one single frame. It’s far easier than piecing together a gallery wall with single picture photo frames with just one opening in the photo mount board.

2) Styles of frames

The style you choose to gift to someone is usually best determined by where you think it’ll be displayed.

For a baby’s first year, it’s safe to say that this photo frame is going to be displayed somewhere prominent, usually the living room or the hallway for people to see as they walk in the door.

Think of the existing décor and select a frame that’ll best fit the setting.

The only really tough decision you have to make is to whether to go with a 12-aperture photo frame for a photo a month 12 aperture my first year frame or perhaps a photo a week with a multi photo frame with 52 photo openings.